The strategies you are going to learn or take trade alerts from at are extremely powerful because, we combine: Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, Harmonic Patterns, Ichimoku & Classic Chart Patterns into one bank style "system" that is ridiculously accurate.



A Monstrous Training Video Lab

You want to learn how to trade Forex quickly & profitably.

The Forex education lab has over 100+ simplified training videos that will teach you everything from the starting basics of the Forex market, all the way up to the most powerful Forex trading strategies you will ever use.

Guess what the best part is?  This massive collection gets new videos every single week!

Earn While You Learn Forex

Our daily Forex technical analysis videos are uploaded Monday-Friday & sometimes Sunday if a certain currency pair has a big gap.

They are jam packed with the juiciest Forex technical analysis strategies you can ever use, which will help you learn how to trade Forex with precision & simplicity but also, give you the trade picks we will be trading ourselves.

Even if you are a complete beginner, you will understand the zones we are watching & get a detailed explanation about it.


Blazing Fast Support

With the multiple ways of getting in touch with us: Email, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can rest assured that when you need help, we will be there quickly!

You will not have to wait days for a response, most responses are replied to within 15 minutes on email.

Whether you need help with your account, pre-sale questions, or would just like to send us your trade analysis, go for it! We are here to chat!

Trading Strategies That Work

Our Forex trading strategies focus on the most important zones in currencies & metals. Even if you are a complete beginner in the Forex market our advanced & powerful strategies are going to feel simple.

You will no longer be intimidated or lack confidence with charting analysis. You will understand exactly why & when prices will most likely go up or down.

These strategies are highly focused on the correct supply & demand zones, multiple Fibonacci tools & clusters, classic chart patterns, Ichimoku & just 2 moving averages.

As soon as you open a chart, you will understand the direction you will need to be hunting an entry for & will know exactly how to find it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo You Help Beginners?

    Absolutely!  Even if you don’t even know what Forex is but are excited to get into investing, Pips University has you covered from the beginning basics all the way up to our precise trading strategies!

  • q-iconHow Much Do I Need To Invest With?

    We legally can not tell you how much but, a great reference is however much you can afford to lose.  This market is very easy to trade but, with emotions & no guarantee of success, you could lose money.

  • q-iconWhat Type Of Strategies Do You Use?

    We combine many of the most powerful trading strategies in the Forex market into one “system”.  Fibonacci, Harmonic Patterns, Classic Chart Patterns, Elliot Wave, Supply & Demand and so much more, it is the most powerful & profitable way to trade in our opinion.

  • q-iconAre There Refunds or Test Trials?

    Unfortunately there isn’t, our powerful training videos could be downloaded during a trial & then never have to pay us.  This is the reason that we don’t.  However, if you are limited on a budget, check out @PipsUniversity across all social media platforms!

  • q-iconHow Long Until I Can Trade Profitably?

    This is the true power of Pips University, even if you are a complete beginner our daily technical analysis & trade alerts allow you to follow the market, even on your first day!

    We have over 100 powerful videos that will completely change your life, so you can not only learn how to trade, but you can follow our trade picks while you do it!

  • q-iconWhat Are Webinars?

    Webinars are live education presentations, you can join them with us every single week even if you are on a mobile device!  No downloads, no hassle, just register then tap the link to join live trading education!